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A Timeline for Early Medieval Europe AD 909 - 1002

This timerline is based on Roger Collins' Chronology in his book "Early Medieval Europe 300-1000"


British Isles Western Europe Eastern Europe North Africa Near East

909 Wessex armies harry Viking kingdom of York

911 Charles the Simple's treaty with Rollo;
Carolingian dynasty in E. Francia extinct

912-59 Reign of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitos

909 Aghlabids overthrown by Fatimids

918 Death of Æthelflaed; Wessex annexes western Mercia

912-61 Rule of 'Abd ar-Rahman III in Spain

920 Wessex conquest of East Mercia
917-24 Bulgar attacks on Byzantium

924-39 Reign of Athelstan

923 Deposition of Charles the Simple

920-44 Romanos Lecapenos co-emperor

937 Battle of Brunanburh

936 Restoration of Carolingian rule in France with Louis IV (d. 954)

927 Death of Tsar Symeon of the Bulgars; peace made with Byzantium
945 Buyids take Baghdad; 'Abbasid Caliphs under Buyid control until 1055

948 Eadric of Wessex harries Northumbria

942-50 Hywel Dda 'King of all Wales'

955 Battle on the Lech

957 Visit of Olga to Constantinople
960 Hugh Capet 'Duke of the Franks'

c. 962-71 Rule of Svyatoslav in Kiev

961-88 Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury

962 Imperial coronation of Otto I

963-9 Reign of Nicephorus Phocas
972 Otto (II) marries Byzantine princess

969 Byzantium regains Antioch

969 Fatimids take Cairo

973 Coronation of Edgar at Bath

973-83 Reign of Otto II

969-76 Reign of John Zimiskes

972 Zirid kingdom in Tunisia
970 Defeat of 'Rhos' invasion of Thrace

975-8 Reigh of Edward the Martyr

982 Otto II defeated in southern Italy

980-1025 Reign of Basil the Bulgar-slayer

978-1016 Reign of Æthelred the Unready
978 Vladimir becomes ruler of Kiev

980 Viking raids on souther England

987 End of Carolingian rule in France; Hugh Capet crowned

c. 987 Conversion of Vladimir

991 Battle of Maldon

994 Otto III attains his majority

990s Mounting Viking attacks

995-1000Olaf Tryggvason King of Norway
1000 Conversion of Iceland
1002 Death of
Otto III