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A Timeline for Early Medieval Europe AD 800 - 894

This timerline is based on Roger Collins' Chronology in his book "Early Medieval Europe 300-1000"

British Isles Western Europe Eastern Europe North Africa Near East

802-39 Reign of Egbert of Wessex

800 Imperial coronation of Charlemagne

800 Aghlabid kingdom in Tunisia

804 Death of Alcuin

808-10 Frankish confliuct with Gedefred

802 Deposition of Empress Irene

814-40 Reign of Louis the Pious

811 Defeat of Nicephorus by Bulgars

817 'Ordinatio Imperii'

813 Iconoclasm revived by Leo V (813-20)

813-19 Civil war in Caliphate

829 Compiling of 'Historia Brittonum'

822 Louis's penance at Attigny

814 Death of Khan Krum of Bulgars

835 Beginning of Viking raids in Wessex

830-4 Civil wars in Francia

815 Byzantine-Bulgasr peace treaty

827-78 Aghlabid conquest of Sicily

835 Beginning of Danish raids in Francia

830, 837 Byzantine victories over Arabs

836 Samarra becomes 'Abbasid capital

840-3 Civil wars in Francia

843 Treaty of Verdun

850/1 First Viking wintering in Britain

847 End of Iconoclasm

858 Louis the German invades west Francia

860 Rhos attack Constantinople

861 Murder of caliph Al Mutawakkil; ascendancy of Turks in the 'Abbasid Caliphate until 945

864 Conversion of the Bulgars

867 Danish conquest of York

866-910 Reign of Alfonso the Great in Asturias

867 Macedonian dynasty in Byzantium lasts until 1056

868 Aghlabids take Malta

869/70 Conquest of East Anglia

871-99 Reign of Alfred of Wessex

871 Battle of Ashdown

871 Byzantines recapture Bari

874 Danes expel Burghred from Mercia

872 Louis II forced to leave south Italy

875 Charles the Bald crowned emperor

878 Danes' winter attack on Alfred, Battle of Edington

877 Death of Charles the Bald

870s Byzanbtine campaigns in Asia Minor under Basil I (867-86)

879-92 Resumed Viking raids in N. Francia

881 Imperial coronation of Charles the Fat

882 Death of Hincmar of Reims

886 Alfred captures London

885-6 Viking siege of Paris

886-912 Reign of Leo the Wise

887 Deposition of Charles the Fat

889 Abdication of Boris

892 New Danish invasion under Haesten

893 Symeon becomes rulers of the Bulgars

892 Baghdad restored as 'Abbasid capital

894 Dispersal of the Danish invaders