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A Timeline for Early Medieval Europe AD 700 - 796

This timerline is based on Roger Collins' Chronology in his book "Early Medieval Europe 300-1000"


British Isles Western Europe Eastern Europe North Africa Near East

705 Death of Adamnán
700-12 Governorship of Musa ibn Nusayr

709 Death of Aldhelm

711 Arab invasion of Spain

711 Overthrow of Justinian II
712-44 Reign of Liutprand in Italy
714-19 Charles Martel gains control of Austrasia and most of Neustria

717 Arab siege of Constantinople and accession of Leo III

716-57 Reign of Æthelbald of Mercia
724-43 Caliphate of Hisham
720s Charles restores control east of Rhine
726 Leo III's first Iconoclast measures

731 Bede finishes his 'History'

733 Battle of Poitiers

735 Death of Bede

735 Charles occupies Aquitane
737 and 739 Campaigns in Provence
741-7 Joint rule of Pippin III and Carloman

741-75 Reign of Constantine V;
most intense period of Iconoclasm

744-55 Rule of Ibn Habib

743-50 Conflicts in Syria
749-56 Reign of Aistulf in Italy
749 'Abbasid revolt
751 Coronation of Pippin III
750 Umayyads replaced as Caliphs by the 'Abbasids

754 Death of Boniface

756 Umayyad Amirate founded in Spain

757-96 Reign of Offa of Mercia
761 Restoration of 'Abbasid rule

762 Foundation of Baghdad

766 Death of Archbishop Egbert of York - Alcuin's teacher

768-814 Reign of Charlemagne
777 Rustamid kingdom in W. Algeria
772-804 Saxon wars
786-809 Reign of Harun-ar-Rashid
774 Frankish conquest of Lombard kingdom

775-80 Reign of Leo IV the Khazar

789 Idrisid kingdom in Morocco

793 Viking raid on Lindisfarne

790s Frankish Avar wars

796 Blinding of Constantine VI