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A Timeline for Early Medieval Europe AD 507 - 597

This timerline is based on Roger Collins' Chronology in his book "Early Medieval Europe 300-1000"


British Isles Western Europe Eastern Europe North Africa Near East
507 Battle of Vouillé
c. 511 Division of Frankish Kingdom

527-65 Reign of Justinian

523-30 Reign of J Hilderic

c. 525 Dhu Nuwas in the Yemen
533 Imperial conquest of Africa

531-79 Reign of Khusro I

c. 540 Gildas writing 'De Excidio'

535-53 Wars in Italy leading to imperial conquest

527-33 'Corpus Iuris Civilis'
540 Persian sack of Antiock
532 Nika riots
536 Council of Carthage
543 Berber revolt
548 Revolt suppressed
558-61 Francia united under Chlotar I (c. 511-61)

550's beginning of Slav penetration of Balkans

c. 560-c. 590 Career of Ceawlin

568 Lombard invasion of Italy under Alboin
563 New Berber revolt

563/5 Foundation of Iona

569-83 Reign of Leovigild in Spain
570? Birth of Muhammad
574-84 'Interregnum' in Lombard kingdom
570-90 Reign of Hormizd IV
589 Third Council of Toledo
590-616 Reign of Agilulf in Italy
594 Death of Gregory of Tours

590's Campaigns against Slavs

597 Arrival of Augustine in Kent and death of Columba

590-604 Gregory the Great Bishop of Rome
591 Maurice installs Khusro II in Iran