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A Timeline for Early Medieval Europe AD 406 - 493

This timerline is based on Roger Collins' Chronology in his book "Early Medieval Europe 300-1000"

British Isles Western Europe Eastern Europe North Africa Near East

406 Reigns of Marcus and Gratian

406 Vandals, Alans, Sueves cross Rhine

413-27 Augustine writing 'City of God'

407-11 Reign of Constantine III

408 Alaric's Visigoths enter Italy

418 Council of Carthage

410 Revolt of Britons

410 Sack of Rome

c. 411-21 Ascendancy of Constantius

c. 425? Nynia in Galloway and southern Pictland

425-55 Reign of Valentinian III

429 Vandal invasion

431 Palladius sent to Ireland

430-53 Ascendancy of Aetius

439 Vandals take Carthage

440-61 Leo I Bishop of Rome

440's Hun raids on Balkans

442 Vandal treaty

446-53 Appeal to Aetius Saxon treaty

451 Hun invasion of Gaul

451 Council of Chalcedon

453 Death of Attila


Battle on the Nedao

455-7 Reign of Avitus

455 Vandal sack of Rome

459-84 Reign of Peroz; Persian wars with the Hephthalites

468 Attack by eastern fleet fails

480's/490's Patrick in Ireland

476/80 Formal end of western Empire

474-91 Reign of Zeno

476-84 Reign of Huneric; 'persicution' of Catholics

c. 481-c. 511 Reign of Clovis in Gaul

488-97, 499-531 Reign of Kavad I; Mazdakite movement

490's Battle of Badon

493 Ostrogothic kingdom established in Italy