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A Timeline for Early Medieval Europe AD 330 - 397

This timerline is based on Roger Collins' Chronology in his book "Early Medieval Europe 300-1000"


British Isles Western Europe Eastern Europe North Africa Near East
330 Dedication of Constantinople

343 Visit of Constans

337-50 Reign of Constans

337-62 Reign of Constantius II

354 Birth of Augustine

350-3 Britons support Magnentius

357-9 Julian's campaign in Gaul

350-3 Gallus Caesar at Antioch
360 War between Rome and Persia

367 Raids by Picts, Irish and Saxons; Hadrian's Wall repaired

360 Julian's revolt

361-3 Reign od Julian; 'pagan revival'
363 Julian's invasion of Persia
364-75 Reign of Valentinian I

364-78 Reign of Valens
364 Jovian's treaty
376 Visigoths admitted into Balkans
378 Battle of Adrianople
383-8 Reign of Magnus Maximus

379-95 Reign of Theodosius I
392-4 Reign of Eugenius; 'pagan revival'

391 Closing of pagan temples

395-430 Augustine Bishop of Hippo
395-423 Reign of Honorius

395-408 Reign of Arcadius
395-408 Ascendancy of Stilicho
397 Augustine writes 'Confessions'; Revolt of Gildo