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Sandbyborg Migration Period Ringfort

Archaeologists from Kalmar County Museum led by project manager, Helena Victor, have excavated evidence of a brutal 5th century massacre at Sandbyborg ringfort.

Sandbyborg is situated near the coast on on Öland, an island off the south-eastern coast of Sweden (see location map).

During the Migration Period in Sweden, cremation was the norm, and so it is rare to find uncremated remains.

As of 2013, five bodies had been discovered in one house, although human bone has been found in other parts of the site, making it likely that many more bodies await discovery.

Valuable artefacts, such as these brooches shown in the photgraph on the right, have been found - which seems to indicate that the site was not plundered after the massacre.

So far only a few houses have been excavated, and the archaeologists believe that hundreds of people could have lived on the site.


(See plan and magnetometer survey)



Video of the Excavations


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