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A Timeline for Early Medieval Europe

This timerline is based on Roger Collins' Chronology in his book "Early Medieval Europe 300-1000"

The timeline has been divided into the following sections:

AD 238 - 325 - Murder of Maximim I to Council of Nicaea

AD 330 - 397 - Dedication of Constantinople to Augustine's 'Confessions'

AD 406 - 493 - Vandals, Alans, Sueves cross Rhine to Ostrogothic kingdom in Italy

AD 507 - 597 - Battle of Vouillé to Arrival of Augustine in Kent

AD 602 - 698 - Overthrow of Maurice to Arab capture of Carthage

AD 700 - 796 - Governorship of Musa ibn Nusayr to Blinding of Constantine VI

AD 800 - 894 - Imperial coronation of Charlemagne to Dispersal of the Danish invaders in Britain

AD 909 - 1002 - Wessex armies harry Viking kingdom of York to Death of Otto III

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